Drop In

Come in and work out!

We love to have visitors from different boxes all over the world here in Munich!

Our classes are in german, but all of our trainers speak english and will explain the exercise in english for you after the general explanation for the group.

Our main classes are Health and Sport.
Health is designed for staying healthy and fit.
Sport is like CrossFit is meant to be – to get prepared for everything in life!
We also offer a wide variety of special classes like Olylifting, Gymnastics and Engine. 

If you follow your own programming you can also join our „Open Gym“ classes and do your workouts. You have more questions? Please send us a quick email!

For all our classes you need to register and book in advance so that you can participate for sure. 

Please create an account and register in our calendar (below „Login“) and log yourself in after that. Here you will find all classes that we offer. Click at the class(es) you wish to participate in and click on „buchen“ (booking) to save.

Drop In fee is 18 € or just 10 € if you buy one of our T-Shirts, we accept cash or electronic cash; credit cards only with a small extra fee.

If you come by public transportation:

The busstop „Moselstrasse“ (Bus 187) is directly in front of our house. Watch out for the signs of CrossFit eo. The Tram 25 stops at „Riedenburger Straße“, just 7 minutes walking away!

If you come by car:

Please drive slowly in the back premises  (if the bar is down, please ring the bell) and park only on the marked CrossFit eo parking area. Only in the evening from 6.30 on and on the weekends you can park at the non marked spots in the middle of the back yard.

Please note the sign out terms: 

Members must register for sessions via our online schedule. Group sessions are limited to 10 participants per session so as to ensure optimum supervision and training. Participation in sessions cannot be guaranteed without previous registration. We ask you to register and as well as to cancel as early as possible, so there will be enough time for another member to fill the slot. If a member is registered for a session but does not appear, then this session will still count as being attended. Unregistering or altering registration for evening sessions is possible until 4 hours before the class begins and for morning sessions until 8 p.m. the previous day.